Reach For the Sky

In today’s society, we are programmed at a young age to do the best we can in all that we do.  Mothers and fathers around the world coddle their sweet littles, as they should, and hope that their little Johnny or Mary will encompass their hopes and dreams of succession.  A certain degree of active encouragement is right and necessary in my opinion.  However, there seems to be an ever-increasing phase of overly focusing on children’s self-esteem.  As a result, it appears we have lost the ability embrace take challenges head on which is supposed to draw out our inner fight.  This internal fight that claws towards something greater that is full of accomplishment.

However, because parents today do not allow their children to be children, there is a stunt in the growth of the inner being.  The constant sit down and shut up and do what you are told or there is something wrong with you response given to children nowadays is no way to cultivate independent thinking.  It is like we are up against a current that we cannot control, and the inevitable is bound to happen at the expense of the next generation.  What is the inevitable you say?  The inevitable is that we are pushed further down into a worker’s mentality instead of independently paving our ways.  Eventually, the futuristic fiction tales told in books like 1984 and alike could very well have seen a glimpse into the future.

Is rushing to the aid of a child that is struggling a good thing prematurely?  The insecurities that surround that kind of parenting produce the fruit of timidity and lack of confidence in self-independence.  What is wrong with letting your child make their mistakes?  Granted, we do live in a different age where more dangers lurk that is a legit concern for a child’s safety.  However, these fears should not keep a child sitting in front of a television set frying his or her brain on who knows what.

A child should be able to reach for the sky and if he or she falls short, will, at least, grab a star.  Granted there will be bruises and scrapes along the journey of life there is no doubt about that.  However, how will children ever know they have the confidence to pick themselves independently up if there is always a safety net.  Falling and getting back up is part of life.  It is not a bad thing to fail, but if you have never felt what it was like to fall and feel the satisfaction of getting yourself back up, I can see how it may make you feel like a failure.

The pressures on a child to fulfil every hope and dream of their parents are absurd and cause the child to feel insecure as if their way is not sufficient.  Be careful if you are a parent that you do not project your missed callings on your child.  It is hard enough as it is for children.  So, let them be, learn and grow and you may be surprised how well they turn out.