Rose Tented Shades

As a society we see things through a foggy haze that seems to captivate our ability to make out particular realities.  Do we do this to ourselves because we cannot bear the site of what life would look like without the haze?  That my friend is the question we all must answer sometime in our life and I suspect we must keep answering this question until it is our last.  Rose tented glasses, some call it.  But I prefer to call it looking at life through rose tented shades.  My reason behind changing the term is rather vain and is simply because shades are cooler than glasses.  Having a rosy tent to your shades means, at least in my less conventional interpretation, you are not connecting to the realities like you should.  As beings of this earth we must plant ourselves firmly to the ground and feel all the earth feels while simultaneously soring freely through the air, breathless and vivacious.  I can relate the feeling to an exuberating experience I had during a night out at the club, my heart pounded as I got into a one of those posh limos decked out with the leather seats and padded interior.  The seats are cold but I didn’t care.  As the limo takes off speeding down the road, I stand raising my hands up and out through the sun roof.  The wind is rushing through my hair and brushing my skin and I feel free but at the same time I am connected with the fear and excitement of being on the edge of something bigger.  That is connecting, that is feeling all that you can feel in a moment of utmost excitement.  There were no rosy shades to blind me from the reality that my stunt was dangerous.  While it may have been a bit wild, I at least felt free.  This idiom, like all idioms, is people’s poor attempt to add light to a dire situation because they can.  Because, I suppose it makes them feel better.  Well, I refuse to look through a deceiving hue to make my mind conceal the contrast my heart already feels.  I would much prefer to take things head on in all of its horrible glory.  Life throws out some garbage and it is not about taking that garbage and calling it a treasure, walking around showing off your “treasure” for all to see.  No way, because really even just reading my sentence that sounds absolutely absurd.  No, let me tell you what life is.  Life is about taking the garbage you are dealt and rolling around in it a little bit until you are no longer comfortable with its filth.  It is at that moment you through experiencing firsthand every negative feeling, every negative glare, and every negative thought associated with what life has thrown are you able to truly transform not only yourself but your situation.  You can then take those rose tented shades and throw them on the ground and stomp on them a few times…..real stuff man, real stuff. Just wanted to give a shout out to one of the hardest workers, my buddy Randy who puts his blood, sweat and tears into his pressure washing company. Randy has given me some great insight to my last couple of posts. Thanks again!

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