Weed & Society

First of all; Celebrities smoke weed. Many celebrities openly admit and condone marijuana use, some of the more obvious ones are Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus, but there are many more who have tried or continue to smoke marijuana, ones you probably wouldn’t’t expect.

Cameron Diaz smoked weed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger smoked weed.

Oprah Winfrey smoked weed.

Natalie Portman smoked weed.

Justin Timberlake smoked weed.

Bill Gates smoked weed.

Jennifer Aniston smoked weed.

Whoopi Goldberg smoked weed.

Rihanna smoked weed.

Brad Pitt smoked weed.

Morgan Freeman smoked weed.

…. Even Barack Obama admitted to smoking weed when he was a kid. “When I was a kid I inhaled frequently… That was the point!”

The high celebrity use of marijuana and its popularity in pop culture leads to more acknowledgement within society and may be to blame for the huge number of individuals that smoke marijuana within society. Not only celebrities smoke weed, its an extremely prominent activity within the world today, in fact recent studies have suggested that annually over 147 million people consume marijuana…. But what actually is this thing called ‘weed’?

Weed, put simply. Is a drug. It is a mind altering substance that has psychoactive effects due to its main chemical THC. THC gives that high feeling when users smoke weed. THC bonds with receptors on nerve cells respond back to the bonding which alters the way you feel. The definition of a drug is a ‘mind altering’ substance and since weed has this inevitable effect it is therefore deemed as a drug. The actual weed that people consume is picked and then dried from larger plants, more specifically from cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. The picked substance is smoked and inhaled in a variety of forms to create a desired ‘high’ with the user. It has many different names, mostly formed on the street, some include: reefer, sticky icky, Mary Jane, chronic, kush, bud, grass, dope, herb and many more.

This leads on to the question WHY?


There are heaps of many reasons as to why people smoke weed.

The most prominent within society being the social aspect. Its perceived widely within society to be a rebellious act, due to the fact that it is an illegal substance, smoking weed is popular within the street and gang culture which many youth adapt simply for the way it makes them look. There are many reasons why people decide to smoke weed, some do it for health benefits, weed increases appetite (munchies) and can relieve nausea which is particularly good for cancer patients (why you see many cancer sufferers using medicinal marijuana). Also on the mental health side of things many studies have found marijuana to be beneficial for post traumatic stress (PTS) (for soldiers during and after war) and depression sufferers. Another extremely popular reason why people smoke weed is due to the happiness they feel when ‘high’. Marijuana increases senses and exaggerates feelings such as happiness, enjoyment, taste, sound, sight and euphoria which gives the user a positive buzz for the period of which they are high.

Now you might be thinking wow! I want to smoke weed it sounds good! Hold the blunt because there are some misconceptions you may want to know about.


Weed isn’t addictive: True! Weed is not technically addictive, it is possible however to gain clinical dependence on weed. There is a fine line between addiction and dependency which people often misunderstand. Clinical dependency is a branch from addiction and is characterized as physically adapting to a drug, needing more to create the same effect. Just like addiction, with clinical dependence withdrawal effects can happen.

There are no side effects: Smoke is smoke. The smoke from marijuana is chemically very similar to that of tobacco smoke which means heavy users can suffer from the same health effects such as bronchitis (aint nobody got time for dat) and other problems. Also, since pot smoking requires a deep inhalation and longer holding period for the smoke, smaller particles can infiltrate your lungs and cause adverse effects that may contribute to lung cancer. There is also a large decrease in motivation that is paired with marijuana’s ‘high’ this decrease in ambition isn’t a huge health problem but causes people to be lazy and long-term smokers may not be able to achieve anything due to the constant state of relaxation.

Nothing can go wrong: In this day and age dealers that sell pot have come up with many different ways to extend profits, a largely used way of doing this is ‘lacing’ their marijuana, ‘lacing’ is putting other usually un-noticeable chemicals in the weed to make it look bigger and thus demanding more money as it is larger or more potent. This can be extremely detrimental to ones health depending on what the weed is laced with, from fly spray, glass, goat feces to heroin and PCP. The use of other highly addictive drugs in lacing is another dangerous way dealers try to gain profit, by putting a small amount of a highly addictive drug like heroin in weed, the consumer may be inadvertently getting addicted to it so they buy more, as the consumer feels the need to buy more and more laced weed the dealer may increase the amount of heroin to increase the addiction. This is particularly prominent in youth that buy marijuana from an unknown source.


That’s the end of my little analysis, hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I’m not a weed smoker but I’m not against it. This was a little deviated from my other posts but I just felt like doing something different.


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